Good dental care is vital to maintain healthy teeth and gums and a happy, healthy pet. Dental disease can lead to serious health problems. Besides the obvious side effects of bad breath, painful gums and loss of appetite, dental disease can result in generalised infections and life threatening kidney and heart disease.

We recommend dental homecare to decrease the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth and stop the progression of gum disease. At some point, almost all pets will require a scale and polish in addition to home care. However, if good dental homecare is practiced, the need for more regular dental treatment will be reduced and hopefully no teeth will need to be removed.

At Mt Evelyn Vet Clinic and Animal Hospital we have a state of the art Veterinary IM3 dental machine. This can be used for anything from a routine scale and polish to a major dental including extractions. A dental is always performed under a general anaesthetic and is usually a day procedure.

Book in for a free dental check with one of our friendly nurses. They will be able to devise a dental treatment plan that will not only improve their overall health, but will put an end to unpleasant odours.

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