Kitten Kindy classes are the perfect start for your kitten as the critical learning and socialisation period is between 6 to 18 weeks of age.

It is important at this young age that we create positive interactions with other kittens and people to instil positive life skills that aim to build confidence and prevent hostility and anxiety later in their adult life.

New kitten owners are advised on how to redirect unwanted behaviour problems and the importance of play and environmental enrichment.  Management skills covered for kitten behaviours including toilet training, managing unwanted hunting, scratching, introducing your new kitten to other family members - animal and human.

We discuss common concerns  and advice on kitten behaviour, health, nutrition and first aid, while giving individual attention to isolated problems.   You can teach your kitten to come, sit, high 5, fetch and stay and harness and lead walking.

Kitten kindy  classes  allows  kittens the opportunity to enhance play with other kittens providing invaluable social life skills while having lots of fun!

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